Sfoglia tra le aziende vinicole (Francia)

Château Lafont Fourcat Saint Emilion, Francia [email protected]

Château Lafont Fourcat Saint Emilion Francia

Jean-Luc Thunevin

Paul Marie Morrillon

Bordeaux, Languedoc-Roussillon

Vitigni coltivati

6 rue Guadet BP 88
Saint Emilion
T.: 3355657550918


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Jean-Luc Thunevin became a “star” in the wine sphere in less than a decade thanks to his world famous “Garage Wine” Château Valandraud.Thanks to his passion for wine, his willpower and determination, he fulfilled his dream in 1991 with the first vintage of Château Valandraud. That year was the start of a incredible adventure and dazzling success. He became the inspiration and initiator of many other garage wines around Bordeaux and around the world. Today, Thunevin also handles several other areas including Fourcat-Lafont – excellent value for money.