Sfoglia tra le aziende vinicole (Italy)

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Illuminati Azienda Agricola  Controguerra Italy


Dino Illuminati


Vitigni coltivati

C.da S. Biagio, 18
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The names and the origins of these wines are all linked to their native land, to the family, the farmers, and the history of this centuries-old company. These wines are characterized from an extraordinary body, fruit of a rich and generous land, that of Abruzzo, worthy of the attentions of the greatest experts who never miss an opportunity to describe and refer to them.

During the second half of the last century, when the geographical boundaries were different from those of today, an impassioned master in the art of wine-making, Nicola Illuminati, around 1890, began the activity of wine grower and set up the winery called “Fattoria Nicò”. He handed down, to his grandson Dino, his love for wine making. Dino Illuminati now carries on the cultural tradition of making good wine, employing the same skilled craftmanship of his illustrious grandfather, in an ideal fusion of both traditional and modern methods so that every bottle is a “bottle of Reserve”.

Today, these bottles of extraordinary wine, exported all over the world, are the pride of Dino Illuminati, grandson of the founder, Nicò, and, in turn grandfather of the child Nicola, the grandson of the latest generation.


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