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Taverna Maputo Mozambico

Nuno Pestana

Rute Pestana

Orario d'apertura
Orario pranzo12:00 - 15:00
Orario cena18:00 - 22:00
Encerra a Segunda-Feira

Tipo di cucina
Típica Portuguesa

Prezzo medio
$30 dolar/pessoa

Avenida julius nyerere n.967
Avenida julius nyerere n.967
Other (Non USA)
T.: 00258844445550
F.: 00258844445551
E.: [email protected]


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The restaurant 
Taverna Restaurant was founded in 2007, aiming to bring to Mozambique the taste of the real portuguese cuisine. In a typically Portuguese environment to the sound of fado, sang either live or on DVD, are the concerts of the most popular fado singers. We have 98 different dishes on our daily menu and various chief suggestions. We suggest you start your meal with our starters consist of cheese from Serra and Niza, stir fried with Mushroom Sausage, or Ham Paiola, Pata negra, Lupins or pasta, Shellfish, Sardines, Tuna. If you just want a snack we suggest Sausage from Mirandela or Alentejo, Octopus or Cod salad, Pica Pau Beef or Pork, Breaded octopus among others.

The Cow kebab prepared in Madeira way, grilled Chicken Kebab withe pineapple prepared in Açores way, Alentejo kebab which is composed of four types of Pork meat (loin, Secret, Plumas, Burras), accompanied with mashed fried in Bread Sausage and Cabbage, Rice and Beans. The latest one is the most emblematic dishes of the restaurant. The Kebab Land -Sea as the name implies, consists of Veal, Fish, Shrimp and Squid with Chorizo, Peppers and Onions. We still have Frigini Pork with Chestnuts from Tras-os-Montes, Naco in stone, Black Pork Loin or Pork served with rice and beans, Medallions of Veal with Cheese Gratin from the Serra.

The Taverna steak served with ham, the Mustard steak, Cream steak with mushrooms, chicken steak stuffed with ham and cheese from Serra acompanied with rice and beans.

We have Cod in olive oil served in a tipical tile, Octopus in olive oil also served in the tile, fried Cod au gratin with cheese from Serra or Niza, grilled Sardines, Fish fillet with shrimp sauce, breaded Fish served with rice and beans.

We have Rice, Pasta or Stew with seafood, rice or grouper pasta with shrimp, rice or Octopus stew and the famous rice or Cod pasta and also rice in wined ribs with garlic and Chicken Cabidela.

The desserts are many and changing daily. We have the House Sweet, Coconut Manjar, Chocolate Mousse, Cake from the House ( Hot Chocolate cake with Vanilla Ice Cream) Cocolate Foundan and many others.

We have 620 different types of wines in which 85% are from Portugal and the remaining 15% are from South Africa, France, Argentina and Chile. We also have spirits at your taste.

All drinks and wines can be seen in our showroom for your better choice.


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