Sfoglia distributori (United Arab Emirates)

A&E Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A&E Dubai United Arab Emirates

P0 Box 32321
P0 Box 32321
T.: +971(4)4344500
E.: [email protected]


                    African + Eastern has been bringing the world’s most renowned beverage alcohol brands to the Middle East for over 37 years. Established in 1962 by Unilever Arabia as a small trading company, African + Eastern now are the largest importer and distributor of beverage alcohol brands in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf region. The company employs more than 300 professional and passionate staff throughout the UAE and Oman, to manage a truly world class beverage portfolio.
The company’s original local footsteps are today leaving global footprints. African + Eastern is a company where diverse cultures, brands, skills and tastes from around the world come together to create the perfect blend. A blend that is evolving to keep pace with the developments of this dynamic region, but that in itself serves a simple purpose: to make sure that the company excels at exceeding the expectations and needs of all its customers, brand partners, employees and stakeholders. This purpose and mission has steered the company to the success that it is today and will forever remain at the core of its future efforts.


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