Sfoglia tra i vini (Baron Philippe de Rothschild Maipo Chile)

Escudo Rojo, Baron Philippe de Rothschild Maipo Chile, Cile

Escudo Rojo



Codice Wine-is: 152-4334322-000003-77

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Baron Philippe de Rothschild Maipo Chile


Central Valley, Maipo Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Cabernet Franc, Syrah


Escudo Rojo 2008
The wine has a lovely colour, dense and deep with a slight ruby tint, and a full, generous nose that reveals attractive blackcurrant, liquorice and cherry brandy aromas with spicier touches of nutmeg. 

Round and rich on the palate, its chocolate, vanilla, caramel and pepper notes are underpinned by a stylish tannic structure, powerful but restrained. 

The long, full-bodied and expressive finish combines tannins refined by the maturing process with delicious and persistent fruit and roasted coffee flavours.

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